technology: on the forefront

The AIM Network  mission is to provide all clients with the best experience and satisfaction in the most widely accepted technology used in the market research industry. We are constantly focused on catering to clients with the latest technology and increasing our list of capabilities:

The AIM Research Network is currently ALL DIGITAL. We are able to provide you with Digital Audio (MP3 format) and Digital Video (FLV format) or traditional DVD.  All digital files can be e-mailed directly to you via our On Demand system. 

Wireless Internet Connectivity – We provide wireless internet connectivity at all our facilities.

Guest Computers – We can provide our clients with guest computers for their use while at our facilities.

Usability Labs – All of our facilities are equipped to serve our clients’ needs in usability testing of software and hardware products. We use the latest in video and computer technology to capture and combine all hand movements, body language, and facial gestures using remotely controlled cameras, digital switches and picture-in-picture video monitors.

Video Conference – We have partnered with Focus Vision, a leader in the video conference industry. This service features TV picture quality and allows for close-ups and picture-in picture to capture the group’s reaction to stimuli.

Video Streaming – This technology provides the capability to view entire focus group sessions remotely through a PC. It also allows for live communication via a chat room feature, and input and feedback can be delivered instantly. Many of our facilities offer video streaming through Focus Vision .